The Rain Doth Fall

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Jo has just completed playing the role of Jacky in The Rain Doth Fall by Charlotte Jennings; a beautiful piece of new writing contrasting the dualities of two very different women mourning the loss of their King. 

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'Women Redressed' @ Park Theatre

Friday 15th July 2016

Come and see this witty and beautifully written story depicting an unusual encouter between a Syrian refugee (Amal) and her naiive British landlady in St George's Day forming part of the 'Women Redressed' collection at Park Theatre. The show will bring some of the best of new female writing to life exploring our perception and expectation of gender. St George's Day is an endearing, touching and comedic piece by the writer Hannah Roe and will be performed on July 31st and August 1st. The link for tickets is:


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Film: 'Tingle'

Wednesday 18th May 2016

 Jo has finished filming the role of Dipsha in short film 'Tingle' where she plays a young widow facing the strains of financial hardships and social pressures raising a daughter believed to have a personality disorder.

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Les Miserables

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Queen's Theatre, London

There have been many shows that I've always wanted to see and this weekend, I finally got round to watching the magic of Les Miserables. It's clear to see why Les Miserables has been running for almost 30 years to a global audience in excess of 65 million. 

Victor Hugo's story set in the French Revolution is an epic tale of passion, loss and perseverance and The Queen's Theatre staged an incredible production which was performed by an immensely talented cast and orchestra in this award-winning musical. 

With a combination of incredible rotating set designs, authentic costumes and unbelievable talent for musical storytelling, Les Miserables left me tingling with electric, emotional energy further enchanced by many tender moments peppered throughout the audience in the seats ahead and beside me. 

There were two stand out performances; the first of which belonged to charismatic Peter Lockyer in his strong yet vulnerable portrayal of ex-convict on the run, Jean Valjean on a mission to uphold his promise of caring for a young illegitimate girl (Cosette) . And then there was  the mesmerising Eponine (Eva Noblezada) especially when performing in her heart wrenching solo number declaring undying and unrequited love for Marius, a student who joined the barricade to fight the French Revolution. 

With such passion and raw emotional charge, Les Miserables is a show more than worthy of its reputation and longevity in such a competitive market and sits in a league of its own.

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Punjabi Girl

Friday 6th May 2016

 Rich Mix, London

Punjabi Girl is a refreshing piece of new writing by Amman Paul Singh Brar that is peppered with witty one liners and an endearing mix of character as the follow up to its successful predecessor, Punjabi Boy.

This story depicts Kully's journey as a strong, modern and independent woman living in London where she is the only daughter of traditional Sikh parents. Having endured two failed marriages and with a young mixed race son, Kully is at breaking point and is trapped in the cultural kaleidoscope of her traditional roots and the modern day world in which she has grown up. Kully's strength of character is being tested as she lives life against the grain which creates an array of backlash from those around her.

Driven by the way she is overlooked and deemed inferior to her younger brother (Bunny) whose fate has been secured as sole heir to the family wealth, Kully is determined to overcome adversity despite the eyes of disapproval around her in her attempt to break the cultural and social norms in which she has been raised. Directed by Mukhal Ahmed, Punjabi Girl is a show that challenges social norms within Asian society and is performed by a talented cast who will be touring later this year

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People, Places & Things

Tuesday 12th April 2016

People Places & Things
Wyndhams's Theatre, Covent Garden

Having completed its initial sell-out run at The Dorfman Theatre in collaboration with The National Theatre, this mesmerising production has now found a new home at Wyndham's Theatre.

In a world where mental health is a hot topic, this refreshing play focuses on the realities of addiction through the lens of an aging actress. Denise Gough plays Emma whose life has spiralled out of control as a chronic in-patient undergoing therapy. Having lost her identity and at risk of losing what remains of her threadbare future prospects arising from her highly toxic mother-daughter relationship, Emma reluctantly enters into the 12-step programme. 

Despite Emma's attempts to be normal, this manic young woman finds each day a struggle without her crutch of salvation in the form of drugs and alcohol. Although initially in denial and after fighting against 'the system', Emma eventually surrenders and finds an unexpected affection for her new 'home from home'. 

Gough plays her role as an endearing stress-addicted actress superbly bringing fantastic humour and wit to a complex and emotionally kaleidoscopic character. MacMillan delivers a fantastically written play accompanied by 1st class acting and artistic creativity at its best resulting in an unforgettable glimpse into the very fragile world of rehabilitation. 

Try and catch this one of a kind performance showing until June 18th - don't take my word for it. #OlivierAwards @NationalTheatre #PeoplePlaces&Things @JotiPatelHQ 

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The House of Inbetween

Friday 8th April 2016

Stratford East Theatre
8th April-30th April

Attending opening night of The House of Inbetween was a theatrical delight. Set in mystical Eastern India, in a dusty large city called Patna lies an initially thriving business belonging to head Hijra (Uma). Neither male nor female, the Hijras are a 3rd gender and a somewhat vulnerable community where ancient traditions preserve centuries of the Hijra lifestyle. 

It's here that Uma takes charge of the Hijras she houses ensuring they earn a living through entertaining wealthy clients and often unsavory characters offering dance and entertainment. Taking on a maternal role, Uma's vision for the clan and emotional resilience are tested when a familiar face arrives on her doorstep in need of shelter. Despite Uma's generosity, the dynamics within the Hijra clan grow fragile leaving Uma fighting to keep her family united. 

Directed by Pooja Ghai and written by Sevan Greene, The House of Inbetween is supported by a talented cast and offers a unique perspective on the life of a Hijras based on a story of love, life and a desperate pursuit for redemption. 

#TheHouseOfInBetween @stratfordeast @poojghai @SevanKGreene 

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